Brasschaat Open Call

Vie’d Lux * regularly organizes castings throughout Belgium in search of models. Objective of Vie’d Lux* is to guide models that want to take the step to become a model. During the casting days, Vie’d Lux * makes a number of photos free of charge.

The next casting will take place in the castle of Brasschaat on … (will be announced soon).

The casting days are completely free!

appointment in advance is not necessary. Our casting agents have a trained eye. We not only look at whether someone is beautiful or not, but also at the potential of someone. Everyone is beautiful. We also need to sense whether someone will do it right or not. Moreover, we are also aware of our own bookings and can thus better estimate what customers are looking for today.

How do you prepare yourself for a casting of Vie’d Lux*?

Hair washed, no make-up on, well rested and especially your self and relaxed. Strive for a neutral look. Do not take friends or girlfriends with you. Women put on their shoes when they arrived and men made simple but decent shoes. Arms, legs, armpits, bikini line (men: only facial hair) like to be shaved. Wear dark skinny jeans and a basic shirt, or choose a clothing style that you consider important. Maybe you are chosen because of your cool style or your attitude.

What should you bring to a casting?

If you have already done professional modeling work, bring your portfolio book with an overview of your work, preferably with photos that bring your unique personality to the attention.

What can you expect from a Vie’d Lux ​​* casting?

During a casting you present yourself to Vie’d Lux*, your measurements and length are measured, some snapshots are made of you and we will ask you some questions. It often goes fairly quickly at a Vie’d Lux ​​* casting, because several people come along. When you have fallen in love, you will have the time to quietly discuss with your parents and our agency.

How long does such a casting take?

Usually such a casting takes 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Are travel expenses paid?

Travel costs are not paid. Unless it is a casting on behalf of a customer and this customer agrees.

When do you know whether you are eligible or not?

Usually it takes 2 to 7 days before Vie’d Lux* has an answer. In some cases it can take up to 14 days. If after 14 days you do not hear anything please contact us to see if something has gone wrong. Sometimes it happens that you just hear it on the casting day itself.


Vie’d Lux* NEVER charges registration fees or other administrative costs.

How does it go?

Usually we are only informed one or two days before a real catwalk show about the models the customer wants on his show. Often a long negotiation precedes it. Or does the customer want to meet you in person. Then please be flexible. You have done a casting and have been selected by the customer.

And then? A day before an assignment, fittings, pass sessions often take place, which can sometimes take a hole in the night. It happens already times that this often runs late. Fittings usually happen in the evening as not all models are available during the day. With stylists (and sometimes in the presence of the designer / client), your look, style and appearance are determined. You will be assigned one or more outfits according to your size and height and the timings in the show. Sometimes that is a bit of puzzle work and you often have to try different looks for the one that really suits you. After that, your outfit is usually retouched.

Some suggestions to rock during the catwalk casting:

1. Walk with your feet in a straight line.

2. Do not forget to move your hips.

3. Shoulders back and relax, make yourself long.

4. Think fun, so that your eyes shine!

5. Enjoy! Before you know it you are standing on the real catwalk in some big fashion city.

Let those model assignments come!